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Qinghai-Yushu City Tibetan Cultural Xperience Tour
30 Jun - 6 Jul 2024 (7-Day)

A premium and complete Tibetan experience

For many, Yushu is synonymous with the catastrophic earthquake that struck in 2010, leaving the region in ruins. Yet this "human paradise closest to the sky" has since undergone a remarkable rebirth. Its unique geographic location and terrain place it at the highest point in Qinghai, with an average altitude of 4500 meters. The towering mountains and stunning scenery make it a place of exceptional beauty, and it is also the birthplace of the Yangtze, Yellow, and Lancang rivers, which have sustained China's civilization for over 5000 years. Yushu's rich cultural heritage and ancient history still shine brightly today, and the true meaning of "paradise" lies in the hope and faith of the nomadic people who call this land home.


Come and explore the rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and resilient spirit, experience the magic of this awe-inspiring place for yourself. It is truly an adventure worth savouring.

Day 1
Welcome to the Highland

Arrive Yushu with a stunning highland view. Check-in the local hotel with an oxygen-filled rest. Embark the Tibetan cultural journey with an exploration of the local taste. Make your own Tibetan Barley Single Malt with the high-altitude barley from the snowy plateau, be ready to savour its unique flavours. Wrap up the first day with a welcome dinner. We promise that these experiences will wash away the fatigue of your travels and transport you to a world of Tibetan culinary delight.​


Day 2
Artisanal Touch

Let's get our hands on local craftsmanship, free your creativity and experience the unique local artistic features. Under Master Tsultrim Norbu's guidance, create your own unique Tibetan cloisonne art, using golden wires and enamel colours, unleash your artisanal inner self and capture the essence of Tibetan culture. Carve your own marnyi stone and visit the largest marnyi stone heap in the world. After an artisanal day, the evening promises to be just as delightful! Savour the local Tibetan home-style cuisine and enjoy the captivating performances showcasing the talents of the young Tibetans. Getaway from the hustle and bustle of modern life, relax and revel in the simple joys of the moment. 

Day 3
Fusion of Horizons

Transcend the boundaries of tradition and modernity. Create your very own Tibetan incense with our collection of natural Tibetan herbs to be blended together to create your own personalised scent for your home or meditation space, to calm and soothe restless minds. Immerse in the tranquil and wellness world of local herbs, as we explore the mysteries and traditions behind this ancient practice. Followed by a Tibetan home-style casual lunch, learn from the locals to make the traditional staple food - tsampa, experience the simple pleasures of slowing down and savouring the moment.hen ascend to the holy site of Buddhism at Jiegu Monastery and take in the breathtaking panoramic views of Yushu. The vast expanse of the landscape will undoubtedly leave you feeling tranquil and refreshed, reluctant to leave this enchanting place.

Tibetan incense 2.png

Day 4
Tibetan Cultural Essence

Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture boasts a unique geographic location that has given rise to a rich ethnic arts and culture, as well as a bounty of natural resources. The region is home to a variety of valuable plants and products, all of which have been cherished and celebrated by the local people for generations. Visit a sky burial site in the early morning, then venture into the cordyceps market, followed by a visual feast at the Yushu Museum. After lunch, you will make your own wind-horse prayer flags according to the ancient traditional practice.

Day 5
A Day of Nomadic Life

Take a deep dive into the Tibetan nomadic culture that has been passed down for millennia. Despite the impact of urban civilisation and the global climate change, their unique nomadic way of life is still persevered, yet it now stands on the brink of extinction. Xperience the last vestiges of nomadic life: milking yaks, picking yak dungs, making yak ghee, where the locals live in harmony with their herds of yaks with mother nature. As we wander through the soft, verdant grass, we can let our spirits soar and savour the beauty of the present moment.

Grassland 14.jpeg

Day 6
Pilgrimage Walk & Time Travel

Buddhism is an integral part of the daily lives of the local Tibetan people. They seek inner peace and tranquility through their devout faith. A pilgrimage visit to Princess Wencheng Temple and Changu Temple, circumambulate the holy mountain. Find solace in the awe-inspiring mountain vistas, let go of our burdens and cares and find a sense of calm amidst the towering peaks. Followed by visiting the local antique shop in the neighbourhood that holds a treasure trove of wonderful finds waiting to be discovered. Finish off with distillation of Highland Barley Single Malt and a homey hotpot party to celebrate!

Day 7
See You, Yushu!

End the trip in Yushu with a refreshed and recharged soul to travel back home; or off to your next destination!

Yushu Airport_0111.JPG



Hanting Hotel Yushu Museum

Twin Room / Superior Room

Hanting Hotel.jpeg

Our Principles

Health and safety first

We provide 24/7 oxygen supplies for our guests to adapt to the high altitude environment.

Integration with nature

We protect nature and respect the way of living of the nomadic people in our itinerary design.

Local youth empowerment and engagement

We engage local Tibetan young people to host and deliver the tour experiences.

Hands-on and experiential

We emphasis on experiential experiences, be ready to get hands on and try the local way of living and culture

Cultural traditions and heritage preservation

Our itinerary is designed for our guests to have a comprehensive Tibetan cultural experience.

Focus on the heart and soul

Take a deep breath, feel the flow of the journey to refresh and recharge the soul.

Tour Pricing

Qinghai-Yushu City 7-Day Cultural Xperience Tour
30 June - 6 July 2024

HK$16,000 per person (twin sharing)
HK$17,500 per person (single traveller)

Trip fare includes all activities, admission tickets, meals, local transportation in Yushu, local tour guides and a Chinese-English bilingual tour leader.

Trip fare excludes flight tickets (or other means of transportation) to and from your place of embarkation, layover stay(s) in Chengdu, personal expenses and travel insurance.

Flight Schedule Recommendation

Guests from around the world are welcomed to join.

30 Jun - Chengdu to Yushu (layover in Chengdu on 29 Jun): 
China Eastern Airlines MU2218 12:40 / 14:25

6 Jul - Yushu to Chengdu (same day flight / layover in Chengdu):
China Eastern Airlines MU2217 10:00 / 11:35

Guests may choose to arrange your own flight tickets. Our team also offers flight ticket booking services.

Enrol now

Thanks for registering to our tour. Our representative will be in touch with you soon.


1) The above itinerary is designed and organised by LIVIN Xperience Limited.

2) The local guides will conduct in Mandarin. Tour leader of LIVIN Xperience will translate and supplement in Cantonese and/or English.

3) Tour registration is on a first come, first served basis. Registration is confirmed by deposit payment of HK$5,000. The remaining balance shall be settled 30 days prior to departure.

4) Application of Tibet permit requires at least ONE month in advance to process (if applicable).

5) The above itinerary is for reference only. LIVIN Xperience has the sole and absolute discretion to substitute, rearrange or cancel any items on the itinerary, and to shorten or lengthen the duration of the trip before or after its departure by reason of force majeure, such as wars, political instabilities, natural disasters, adverse weather, technical problems of transportation means, strikes, industrial actions, etc.

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